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    STEve johandes

    steve@100X.LIFE | 616.403.2554

    Steve Johandes is a successful entrepreneur (his company grew from $40M to $400M under his leadership) turned executive coach, Vistage Chair, Advisory Board Member and specializes in working with legacy driven Family Offices, PE and Venture Funds .


    He is a CPA who went to film school to learn the art of communication and storytelling. He summarizes his multi-faceted 100X practice in a few simple words. “Serving others : life, leadership and legacy." He serves 10,000 employees through the leaders he serves.




    Once upon a time, there was a creative entrepreneur and CPA who loved to tell stories, so much so that he enrolled in film school. Every day, he tried to learn something different and to better himself, his family, his company, his employees and his community. He loved to explore, discover, learn new things and embrace uncertainty.

    One day, he sold his company after growing its value more than 100X. He was certain––the second half of his life was going to be much different than the first. Influenced by the Book "Halftime" and the famous Parable of the Sower and now with 30 years of valuable business and leadership experience under his belt, he decided to dedicate his time to helping not only himself but others build a lasting legacy.

    This new path was a perfect fit for the disruptive, visual, filmmaker guy. See, working with others to build a legacy and adopt what he calls “eXponential thinking” is more of an art than a science; it’s not black and white. The process is relational, fluid and creative.

    With that in mind, he developed 100X to partner with legacy-driven individuals, organizations, PE firms and family offices to help them determine "What's neXt?" and to achieve eXponential results in all that they do. Using his right brain creativity and his left brain logic, M&A, and financial skills. He created an equation that simplifies and summarizes his practices as the X in the equation. Check it out below. He always jokes, that he likes to work with companies that have already tilled the great soil, planted the seeds and his job is simply to be the fertilizer, helping them to deliver the 100-fold (100X) return both professionally and personally.


    Being intentional, visual, and transformational helps him to dig deep, think big, fail fast and determine what's next in all that he does both personally and professionally.

  • STEve johandes

    steve@100xllc.com | 616.403.2554

    Steve is a Trusted Advisor, Board Member and Vistage Chair. He partners with legacy-driven family businesses, private equity firms, organizations and executives to help them determine "What's neXt?" and to achieve eXponential results in all that they do. His serial entrepreneurship and C-level leadership roles represent a deep multi-national portfolio of corporate expertise at all revenue levels from Startup to $500M. Innovated in every aspect of corporate growth including, strategic planning, M&A, financing, supply chain and technology efforts, his Company grew from $40M to $400M under his leadership and created value through three primary areas: ongoing operations, innovation and arbitrage. Beyond his ownership positions, he has also worked with multiple PE firms as a Key Executive for their portfolio companies, served on various Advisory Boards and worked with multiple philanthropic endeavors in West Michigan.
    A CPA who went to film school, Steve understands the art of storytelling and the power of visual medium and mantra in tangible value creation and executive team alignment. He uses these same principles in his personal, family and community life. His BHAG mantra is to “Inspire 1,000 people to each inspire 1,000 people to touch 1,000,000 lives”.