• why 100x ?

    A Quick Story

    I have had multiple conversation with my Dad over the past couple of years regarding longevity, relevance & health (he is 79) and the key takeaways were: He has 3 types of friends; the first were dead, the second in nursing homes and the third in good health. The common threads among the healthy were engagement, lifetime learning and the willingness to grow & change. Since we live in a time of limitless learning opportunities, I set out to emulate these items in my own life and share with others. INSPIRING OTHERS ... TO INSPIRE OTHERS became my mantra.


    The Challenge

    As the former owner of a large company. I was blessed to have lots of millennials on our teams. To keep up, I challenged myself to use a different approach to learn something new each day and keep up with change. 100X LLC was formed several years ago to do videos for nonprofit organizations and after I sold my company, I restructured it to organize and share how I learn and be a resource to my VISTAGE PEER GROUPS and the legacy driven families and organizations I work with along with anyone else who has a desire to learn. The BIG IDEA was a "picture is worth 1,000 words and a video 10,000"; when ideas go viral they can make EXPONENTIAL change.

    The Rules

    DISRUPT and INNOVATE how I learned and CHANGED. These "rules" also extended to time management. YouTube and various other tools played a significant role. I also decided to be hands on and work as a Solopreneur of my own personal CHANGE and SHARING with others.

    Organize and Share

    Since I was organizing and aggregating my content, Why not share it with others? The Zig Ziglar quote comes to mind: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”.


    My first step was to focus on an audience for my content.

    • Starting with baby boomers that want to learn new skills, 
    • Next generation management who require an understanding of these items to connect, and 
    • Millennials themselves who can benefit from the fusion of the tools, knowledge and wisdom.

    My Inspiration

    What started as a simple blog entry has grown into what you see today.

    just begin

    I began by writing a blog, creating a YouTube channel, and generally sharing my life with everyone. All of these things are done using readily available platforms, where content is aggregated. MY GOAL: Inspring Others ... To Inpire Others.


    Learning, building a personal brand, marketing for a company, or conquering the next step in e-commerce, the possibilities are truly endless. BE ENCOURAGED!


    I bring my broad range of experiences growing a company at scale to my newest venture of being a Vistage CEO Peer Group Chair as well as the Founder of 100X. I will continue to be transparent on my journey and all that I do.